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financial lessons to take into 2021
Personal Finance

Financial Lessons to Take into 2021

Aside from being globally eventful, 2020 has also provided many lessons for anyone who has been paying attention.
personal financial planning 101
Personal Finance

Personal Financial Planning 101

The most effective way to achieve financial freedom is to apply all five principles of personal financial planning concurrently. What are they?
Investment Options for Individuals
Personal Finance

Investment Options for Individuals

For a beginner, investing may seem complex, but it is based on a simple principle: you buy an asset expecting it to appreciate, thus giving you an income or the…
Investing vs Trading in the Stock Markets
Personal Finance

Investing vs Trading in the Stock Markets

If you are looking to make money from the stock market, you need to decide whether to trade stocks or invest long term. While the underlying asset is the same,…
2021 Markets ReviewGlobal MarketsStock Markets

Q4 2021 Markets Review 1. US Stock Markets Power through Concerns There is no better way to describe it – 2021 was a historic year for US Stock markets. Stocks overcame numerous headwinds…
January 26, 2022
Global Markets

Mansa-X Investor Market Brief – Q3-2021 Highlights Developed market shares were flat (in US dollar terms) in Q3. Declines in September erased prior gains. Emerging market equities underperformed amid a sell-off in China.Global sovereign bond…
October 25, 2021
Financial Derivatives 101Personal Finance

Financial Derivatives 101

A financial derivative is a financial contract which derives its value from one or more underlying assets. They are used in a variety of ways, most commonly to hedge a…
September 1, 2021
The True Cost of InvestingPersonal Finance

The True Cost of Investing

When thinking about investing, most people focus on the risks and returns, and fail to consider the costs involved. However, left unmanaged these costs could accrue and undermine the returns…
May 26, 2021
Good debt vs bad debtPersonal Finance

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Debt is an important part of the financial cycle but it can also be a source of distress for many individuals, whose incomes get swallowed up by repayments. How do…
March 24, 2021
Reducing your Tax BurdenPersonal Finance

Reducing your Tax Burden

It is said that the only constant in life is death and taxes. While you have very little control over the former, there are several legal avenues you can use…
February 17, 2021
Day Trading 101Stock Markets

Day Trading 101

As our internet infrastructure grows, any Kenyan who is interested can become an online day trader and supplement his/her income with profits from it.
February 3, 2021
Debt Management 101Personal Finance

Debt Management 101

effective debt management is not just about getting rid of all your loans; it is a long term financial planning process, which should ultimately leave you with more control over…
July 22, 2020